About AI Practical Guide

My name is Saad Hafez. My career path has been a long and winding road full of new challenges and adventures. I like to think of myself as a kind of rolling stone that loves to explore and dive into new potential careers. I have been a trader back in the 80’s, a restaurateur in the 90s and 2000’s, and transitioned to search engine optimization (SEO) and web development in 2009. I love to learn and share. It was during the pandemic in 2021-2022 that I started getting more and more interested in artificial intelligence (AI). Like most of you, AI was just something cool that you would see in an occasional news spot or a 60 Minutes story. It seemed like the future, something to wonder about, and a popular theme for movie plots. That changed for me when OpenAI and ChatGPT launched in late 2022. My fascination with AI grew, and I found myself exploring the vast knowledge and capabilities of AI. Never in human history has so much information been so easily accessible. AI is revolutionizing the world, much like the discovery of fire, the invention of electricity, or the creation of the computer. While I’m not an AI expert yet, I’m determined to become one, and this website will document my journey. As an old dog learning new tricks, I aim to share my experiences with everyone since AI is new for the vast majority of us. To make our learning more meaningful and complete, I will start from the beginning. My AI friend suggested a path to become an expert in AI, and I will be following that path, starting with going back to school to learn Python programming. Join me on this journey as we explore the world of AI together.
About AI Practical Guide - Saad Hafez